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Design Process: Jalan Jalan, Galway


Jalan- jalan means ‘to walk’ in Indonesian. Located opposite Galway’s University Hospital, Jalan Jalan is aimed at people on the go, serving food you can walk with.

Originally a very old style Chinese restaurant, Jalan Jalan serve food that is unique to Galway. Their old menu consisted of the style of Chinese food that has dominated the Irish food scene for the last 40 years but with a new chef that has all changed.

The owners approached Irish Time Design knowing of their experience with the new street food scene in Galway.

jalan jalan 2


The design of the restaurant was influenced by designs from London and Dublin’s street food scenes. With younger, more vibrant Asian communities come new flavours, ideas and designs.

Street food is fun, so the design should be too. We used white, aquamarine and fuchsia pink as our colour palette. The walls are covered with white brick panels and lightened with modern lighting.

We removed the old, solid ceiling and replaced it with wooden trevasses to make diners feel like they are in an old industrial building.




The menu is inspired by authentic Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indonesian street foods and includes classics like Tom Yum soup, Vietnamese rolls and BBQ Ribs but also features some more unusual items such as Gyoza, Massaman and Rendang curries.