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Design Process: Lana Castletroy, Limerick

LANA Castletroy, for an Aisan street food operator, is so busy at lunch you that even have to book a table. This brand has hit the ground running.



This restaurant is similar to Galway but with some variation, the colour would be recognisable from Salthill. Every restaurant will have 30% variation so that customers have a different experience in each one.

The major differences to Salthill is the modern kitchen and newer building. This time instead of using graphics we focused on the tools of the trade. In street food their main tool is the wok.




We got a load of woks, cut them in half and fixed them to the walls as lights. It is a very unique display in Ireland. The builders thought we were mad, but it works and the owners love it.



The Wok Wall

We let our imagination run wild with this one but kept it as an identifiable LANA restaurant.