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Design Process: The Dalgan Gastro Bar, Mayo

The Hazel Bar of Ballyhaunis, now known as The Dalgan Gastro Bar, has been transformed by Irish Time Design. 

Covered from top to toe in brown hardwood, The Hazel Bar closed during the economic crash. In the design world we would have described it as a “man cave”. Dark and dingy.





The client, based in London, wanted to pursue a Gastro Bar theme, but hired us on the basis that we would use “more imagination than hardwoods”.

We decided in our design process that we would focus on women, because at the end of the day we all know they decide where families will dine.

We asked the women of Irish Time Design to choose the final colours and they chose beautiful blues, creams and greys. We used stunning blue chesterfield suite sofas as our feature furniture and banquet seating upholstered in blues and creams.


Seating was upholstered in four different fabrics to give variety and to lighten the atmosphere. We sourced brick panelling last year and knew it would suit this bar perfectly. A high percentage of English Gastro Bars use brick, inspired by London’s industrial.


2016-04-07 21.50.12


We used cobalt blue tiles indoors, but also to transform the facade of the bar.

2016-04-07 21.54.29

The bar itself was originally made of classic brown hardwoods but is now done in copper, Mexican tiles, mild steel, Belfast rivets, copper domehead rivets and wooden mosaic. We introduced oak herringbone floors to add lightness underfoot, they were previously covered with a ghastly Chinese slate. However we did want variation in flooring so we incorporated the Mexican tiles here also, and brought both them and the herringbone up some of the walls. One area of wall is covered with wine crates, which adds a cool tone.

The idea is that diners have a choice of sitting in up to 6 atmospheres when they arrive. We believe that this is what modern Gastro Bars should be- sit where you want according to your mood.

We completely revamped the mens bathroom in the same tiles but gave the ladies special treatment. We installed beautiful mirrors and the finest wash hand basins in Europe.


2016-04-05 17.15.31


We are currently in the process of designing a function room upstairs and putting the final touches to the beer garden, just in time for summer! Dalgan is fast becoming a regional dominator. The ambience of the interior compliments the beautiful food giving something quite unique to this area.