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Why Choose Us

  • For inspirational design and an interior that responds to your business needs, choose Irish Time Design to ensure increased turnover and business growth.
  • With over 35 years experience, Irish Time Design has developed unrivalled expertise in the design and fit-out of shop, office and restaurant interiors.
  • Our competitive pricing policy ensures we can put together a package to meet every budget without compromising on design or quality.
  • Our partnership approach guarantees our clients dedicated customer focus and an innovative plan to optimise space and layout so clients can avail of every opportunity to increase productivity and maximise profits.
  • An experienced team of Interior Architects and Designers have the competence and the resources to ensure contracts are successfully completed within the agreed time scale.

Our Approach

Choose Irish Time Design for a complete service – for innovative design & fit out solutions. A refit or a new build is a very daunting project for many business owners, but ITD minimises the stress involved by offering a complete design service backed up by unrivalled customer service.

With a no fuss approach to a project all elements are covered specifically:

    • Commercial interior design and architecture
    • Plans, elevations and drawings
    • Lighting, ceiling and floor plans

ITD offers practical advice and has detailed market knowledge of the retail, office and restaurant sector backed by the expertise of top-level designers. The company’s unique stamp is evident on every project undertaken because the designs are fresh, in vogue and ground breaking.

Planning for Profit

Business owners must meet the challenge of change in order to enjoy growth and profitability. In the fast paced, ever changing and competitive commercial sector, one must rise to the challenge or be left behind by the competition.

The commercial sector is a multifaceted industry and success lies in strengthening company image, brand and customer service in order to stay ahead of the competition. Businesses who present a strong, well designed identity, inside and out, can be confident of attracting more trade and consequently increasing turnover.

The return on investment guaranteed by a well designed commercial interior can be as high as 40%. Revenue will grow as improved layout and design allows effective merchandising of additional product or service. Proprietors who invest in their business premises by having them professionally designed and fitted are guaranteed to improve business performance.

Put the drive back into your business by having it professionally redesigned by Irish Time Design.